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Services Offered

I am trained and experienced in a variety of approaches including:

Individual psychotherapy:

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy: a here and now problem solving technique that involves learning to think more accurately and change behaviors to reduce symptoms and distress.


Stress reduction and relaxation strategies, time management, assertiveness training, habit reversal, and others.

Family and Couple Therapy

Medication treatment

Areas of Practice:

Anxiety Disorders including General Anxiety or excessive worrying, Social Anxiety or shyness, Obsessive compulsive Disorder and panic disorder

Mood disorders including depression, bipolar disorder and seasonal mood disorders. Premenstrual ,

postpartum and perimenopausal mood problems

Attentional Disorders

Substance Abuse problems are identified and treated as a part of other problems but are not a primary
area of my practice.

Intimacy and relationship problems

Grief work

Goals of Treatment include not only relief of symptoms and distress but increased self awareness to
provide improved and expanded life choices and better awareness and management of feelings, as well as improved relationships with others, in both personal and work or school environments.

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